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Recover My Files

البرنامج الرائع في استعادة الملفات
المحذوفة من الجهاز
خفيف على الجهاز قوي في الاستعادة

Recover My Files data recovery software will easily recover deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

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9- System Mechanic Professional

وداعا لمشاكل الوندوز وانخفاض اداء جهازك مع هذا البرنامج الاكثر من رائع والذى يحتوى على كل ما تحتاجه من ادوات لصيانة وحماية جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك
System Mechanic Professional

Trusted by millions worldwide, System Mechanic® Professional sets a new standard for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package.

World-Class Internet Security
• Block spyware and other dangerous software
• Shield your PC from viruses, worms, and trojans
• Defend against hackers and identity thieves
• Prevent unauthorized access and remote attacks
• Repair dangerous Windows security vulnerabilities

Total PC Optimization, Repair, and Maintenance
• Complete one-click repair, acceleration, and cleanup
• Streamline Windows by removing system and Internet clutter
• Fix annoying errors and prevent them in the future
• Increase system and Internet performance up to 300%
• Optimize settings for maximum speed and stability
• Automatic care provides hassle-free ongoing maintenance

System Mechanic® 7 Professional Features:
* Optimize your PC for peak performance
* Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring
* Clean up system clutter
* Remove spyware and fix security vulnerabilities
* Maintain reliability and speed
* iolo AntiVirus™ - protect against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats
* iolo Personal Firewall™ - protect against hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication
* Search and Recover™ 4 - recover deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or media
* DriveScrubber® 3 - securely erase data from your hard drive

5 Products in One - 5 award-winning products from iolo give you the ultimate combination of Internet security and PC optimization in one package.

System Mechanic® 7
Keep your PC running like new – fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware threats, and much more. Its one-click power tools automatically perform vital services by diagnosing, reporting, and resolving computer problems and performance issues.
• Optimize your PC for peak performance.
• Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring.
• Clean up system clutter.
• Remove spyware and fix security vulnerability flaws.
• Maintain reliability and speed.

iolo AntiVirus™
Shield your PC from viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats by using an advanced real-time engine that provides continuous maximum protection. Fully integrated email protection scans messages as they are transmitted, and an intuitive interface makes it easy to activate scheduled system inspections for a permanently virus-free PC.
• Real-time detection and removal of viruses and other PC threats.
• Scans and disinfects email, attachments, and other files.
• Hourly virus updates give you the latest protection.

iolo Personal Firewall™
Block unwanted communication to and from your PC, keeping your private information safe from hackers and identity thieves. The proprietary IntelliDefense™ system takes out the guesswork by automatically deciding which programs should connect to the Internet. Now you can work or play without the hassle of being constantly prompted to monitor your PC’s traffic.
• Block hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication to and from your PC.
• IntelliDefense™ technology provides advanced protection without annoying program communication prompts.

Search and Recover™ 4
Recover deleted files, photos, movies, email, and more, from any drive, disc, camera, music player, or memory card. Proprietary StrongScan™ and SmartScan™ technologies allow you to recover information after the worst PC accidents and disasters – even years after the data was lost.
• Rescue deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or device.
• Optimized interface and one-click operations make recovery fast and effective.
• Proprietary search technology finds deleted data that other products miss.

DriveScrubber™ 3
Prevent your valuable information from falling into the wrong hands by overwriting and removing all data permanently, beyond anyone’s ability to recover it. In addition to wiping away all data, DriveScrubber can regularly wipe only deleted data, keeping the existing files and operating system intact
• Permanently wipe sensitive data before selling, donating, or recycling your PC.
• Restore your drives to like new after virus or spyware damage.
• Meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Defense disk-sanitizing standard.

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10- XP Repair Pro v3.5.5

برنامج سريع وسهل الاستخدام لصيانة الوندوز
XP Repair Pro v3.5.5

• Enhanced Registry Deep Analysis
• A More Functional Scan Results Screen
• Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Improved and Streamlined System Optimizer
• Safely Repair Errors in your Windows System
• Improve System, Program and Gaming Performance and Stability
• Fast and Secure Scanning Algorithms
• Scans Your Drives for Unused Shortcuts
• Automated System Restore Point Creation
• Compacts the Windows Registry for optimized system performance
• Automated Repair Capabilities

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11- Error Smart 2008

البرنامج الرائع في تنظيف
وصيانة الجهاز

Advanced Diagnostics and Repair Technology
ErrorSmart uses the industry's most advanced diagnostic and error repair technology. In a few short minutes, our software can scan your entire hard drive and quickly diagnose what's causing your PC complications. Once ErrorSmart has analyzed your PC and located the root of the problems, it goes to work correcting those problems, leaving you
with a computer that performs as well as it did the day you bought it.

ErrorSmart Offers:Repair of your registry and increase in PC performance by up to 70 percent.
Defragmentation and compression of your registry with the click of a mouse.
The option of removing registry errors manually or automatically.
The security of registry back-up utilities.
Easy removal of invalid program shortcuts, duplicate files and invalid help files.
Easy organization of startup programs.
Resolution of Windows installer errors.
Repair of DLL files.
Repair of Internet Explorer Errors
Removal of Windows startup errors and runtime errors.
Stabilization of scripting errors.
Prevention of PC crashing and system freezes

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